I am a comparative and international political economist with primary research interests in global antitrust laws (competition laws), with a special focus on developing and transition countries. I also undertake research on the topics of foreign currency reserves, foreign investments, and trade disputes at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Additionally, I have a research and scholarly interest in the politics, economics, and culture of the Indian sub-continent and transition countries in Central and Eastern Europe (particularly, Romania).

My textbook, “The Contemporary Global Economy: A Multidisciplinary Approach,” was published by Kendall Hunt Publishing Company in early 2023. The textbook website is as follows:


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Parakkal, Raju (2023), The Contemporary Global Economy: A Multidisciplinary Approach. Print ISBN: 9781792466090. Publisher: Kendall Hunt. Book Website:

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Parakkal, Raju, Joseph Johnson, and Sherry Bartz-Marvez (2022), “The Drivers of Successful Regional Expansion: Evidence from Multinational Corporations in Latin America During 1990–2005.” Transnational Corporations Review (forthcoming). Advance E-Print:

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Textbook (Single Author): “The Contemporary Global Economy: A Multidisciplinary Approach” (Under contract with Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company)

“Dispute Settlement at the World Trade Organization” (Under Review)

Book Project (Single Author): “The Globalization of Antitrust Laws” (Work-in-Progress)

“The Political Economy of International Currency Reserves.” (Completed Paper)