Dec 2021: Interview for The Nexus, Thomas Jefferson University

In Dec 2021, I shared my thoughts on the ongoing antitrust lawsuits against major technology firms like Facebook and Google (“Big Tech”).

Click the title, “What Does the FTC’s Antitrust Case Vs. Facebook Mean for Social-Media Users?,” to access the story that includes my interview.

Sept 2021: Interview with The Washington Post

In Aug 2021, I was video-interviewed by The Washington Post regarding my co-authored journal article (with Evan Laine) on 9/11 conspiracy theories and the persistence of Americans’ beliefs in these and other conspiracy theories. The interviews formed part of an opinion piece and a video that The Washington Post released on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Click below to watch the video that features parts of my interview.

Oct 2020: Special Research Presentation (Arlen Specter Center)

In summer 2020, I began a study of the COVID-19 pandemic from a comparative politics/comparative political economy perspective. In late Oct 2020, I presented my findings to a worldwide audience via a special research presentation (on Zoom) sponsored by the Arlen Specter Center at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia. The flyer and the video of the presentation are given below.

RESEARCH PRESENTATION (Video): “Comparative Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic: People, Politics, and Policy”

May 2020 (Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia): Research Interview

I gave an interview about my long-running research in global antitrust and how this research area connects with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click on the photo to access the interview.

Jefferson global antitrust researcher discusses his research on improving
socio-economic conditions in developing and transition countries.

Dec 2019 (New Delhi, India): Talk on Competition and Antitrust in an Increasingly Online Developing World

Presenter: “Antitrust in the Digital Era: Rethinking Dominance and its Abuse.” 6th CUTS-CIRC Biennial Conference on Competition, Regulation and Development, India International Center, New Delhi, India, Dec 1-2, 2019.

Video Link (my talk starts from the 21:25 mark): https://www.pscp.tv/w/1mrxmrnEpodKy

Oct 2019 (Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia): Talk on the Digital Era, Democratic Outcomes, and Antitrust

On Oct 1, 2019, I delivered a talk based on my latest research on how the digital era affects democratic outcomes and what, if any, could antitrust do about it. The talk, titled “GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple), Digital Dominance, and our Democratic Futures: Should Antitrust Battle Big Tech?”, was delivered as part of the Knowledge Exchange Lecture Series of the Arlen Specter Center for Public Service at Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. To watch the talk (approximately an hour), please click on the video links below.

Part 1: https://youtu.be/vgj6dlzlcTk
Part 2: https://youtu.be/9rbDhOtEEO0
Part 3: https://youtu.be/g1Ib8RmblQs

TJU Knowledge Exchange Talk: Part 1
TJU Knowledge Exchange Talk: Part 2
TJU Knowledge Exchange Talk: Part 3

June 2019 (in Bucharest, Romania): My Interview on Global Competition Policy and Law

While in Romania during summer 2019, I was studio interviewed for my thoughts on global competition policy and the globalization of competition laws by Dr. Valentin Mircea, the former Vice-President of the Romanian Competition Council and currently a prominent antitrust lawyer in Europe. Please see this link: http://www.stateofcompetition.eu/. The YouTube video of the interview is below.

June 2019 (in Bucharest, Romania): Meeting with Dr. Bogdan Chirițoiu, President of the Romanian Competition Council (Consiliul Concurentei România)

My long-running research in global antitrust and competition laws has taken me to many places. And, on June 18, 2019, I was extremely delighted to hold discussions in Bucharest on Romanian competition law and related matters with the President of the Romanian Competition Council, Dr. Bogdan Chirițoiu, the top antitrust official in the country and one of the most widely-respected public authorities in Romania.

With Dr. Bogdan Chirițoiu, President of the Romanian Competition Council (Consiliul Concurentei România)

May 2019: Talk at Association of Centers for the Study of Congress (ACSC) Annual Meeting on Representative Government and Political Polarization (Washington, D.C.)

“The Arlen Specter Center: Engaging the Community through Non-Partisan Education and Discussion.” Talk delivered (with Evan Laine) at the ACSC Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., May 10, 2019

May-June 2018: Study Abroad Trip to India

For three weeks in May-June 2018, I joined with three fellow professors at Thomas Jefferson University to take a group of undergraduate students of different majors on a study tour of India. We landed in Kochi in the south and worked our way north with stops in Mumbai (Bombay), Jaipur, and New Delhi. We braved the intense summer heat of India (the highest we experienced was 110 F in Jaipur) even as we taught, learned, and enjoyed the travels together.

In the tea gardens of Munnar, Kerala. (I am standing third from the left.)
Professor Parakkal is busy teaching on the streets of Mumbai.

November 2017: Plenary Speaker/Round Table Discussion

Plenary Speaker: “Building Organizational Capacities for Tackling Policy and Regulatory Uncertainty.” 5th Biennial Competition, Regulation and Development Conference, CUTS International, Jaipur, India, November 11, 2017.

August 2017: Antitrust Research Talk

“The Globalization of Antitrust Laws.” Talk delivered at School of Law, Christ University, Bengaluru, India on July 27, 2017.

July 2017: Antitrust Research Talk

“Global Governance and Multilateralism in Competition Policy.” Talk delivered at CUTS International, Jaipur, India on July 10, 2017.

April 2017: Philadelphia University President’s Award for Excellence

In spring 2017, I was awarded with my university’s highest honor for academic excellence, the University President’s Award for Excellence. The award recognizes one faculty member annually for their extraordinary scholarship, teaching, service, and other academic accomplishments since joining the University.

August 2015: Currency Reserves Research Talk

“Currency Hoarders: The Political Determinants of Excessive International Reserves.” Talk delivered at the Institute of Political Science at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (Pontifical Catholic University of Chile) in Santiago, Chile, Aug 7, 2015.